Monday, July 04, 2011

Coming To An End

From 6th October 2009 till date, it's been a long time coming indeed. After a 7 month hiatus, I hope my writing is not failing! The habit of regularly updating my blog has become forgotten, replaced by a habit of turning on my PS3 when I'm bored at home instead.

Summing up, NS has been a fruitful experience for me, be it man, time or self management, knowing myself better as a person and other life experiences that will set me in good pace walking into Uni life right after. Along with these are the quality friends (that I call them because although we're colleagues, they made my days more enjoyable) I made. I will write a post when I finally ORD. Haha!

*Thoughts of switching this blog to Facebook.

Anyway, there were many instances when I felt like blogging again, but those were times when I was either out or my computer was turned off. Not that I was lazy, but I just couldn't build my emotions up to write something .. there, my vocabulary is failing me!!

Ok, I'm out of ideas. Just an update, you know, nothing special, just to make sure this is continued.

*Note to self: remember to try out Facebook blogging abilities soon.

Till then, take care folks!